Four Course Dining Experience

A Brief History
The Cheese

Cheese Fondue was first conceived in Switzerland in the 18th century as a way to weather winter storms with aged cheeses melted over a communal fire and stale breads softened by a good soak in the warm cheese.

The Starter

The starter to a meal served in courses dates back hundreds of years. It is meant to prepare the palette for the heavier main course or entrée to follow and is usually lighter, consisting of a salad, soup, or warm vegetable.

The Meat

Meat fondue originated during the middle ages in the Burgandy region of France where vineyard workers, unable to come in for a meal, would prepare sliced meats over a flame either in a pot of hot oil, known as fondue bourguinonne, or on a grate, referred to now as fondue raclette grill.

The Chocolate

In the 1950's, Konrad Egil, Swiss restaurant owner of Chalet Swiss in New York, is said to have invented chocolate fondue as a way of offering dessert to his dinner guests who were already enjoying his world famous cheese fondues, starters, and fondue raclette or bourguignonne. 

And so marked the era of four course fondue dining.

The Fondue 152 Experience

Following in the Chalet Swiss tradition, at Fondue 152 your dining experience will include:

  • An appetizer of cheese fondue served with assorted breads and seasonal produce for dipping.

  • Followed by a crisp garden salad or one of our delicious house made soups.

  • An entree course where succulent meats and tempting vegetarian items are grilled to your liking at your table and served with a variety of house made dipping sauces.

  • And finally, your choice of one our luscious chocolate fondues.

Enjoy the experience with a glass of wine or bubbles, a craft brew or a refreshing hard cider.

Please allow 2 - 3 hours to enjoy your dining experience with us.